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More examples of the categories

  • terry.nycum by terry.nycum

    As a new user, what I keep wishing I had was a larger set of examples of things that fall in the various categories (particularly the undesirable ones—the ones above "none of the above"). I think the Spotter's Guide is valuable as it is as a quickly accessible sort of glossary of the categories, but access to many more examples of objects that a team member has confirmed belong in each category would be very helpful in giving me get a better sense of the boundaries of those categories.

    Perhaps we could even access randomly drawn objects from the database that have team-confirmed categorizations. As it might even be helpful to see examples of various combinations of categories, perhaps you could have an interface similar to the classification one that worked sort of in reverse. The user could select one or more categories, then click "show random example".

    A possible benefit of allowing us to see examples taken at random from the database rather than just a curated set is that it may be hard for you field-insiders to anticipate the questions outsiders have looking at these images. Seeing examples allows us to figure out answers to many of our own questions.


  • biggsjrex by biggsjrex moderator

    If you haven't yet done so, you might want to read The Disk Detective FAQ at http://blog.diskdetective.org/. This goes into more detail about how to separate good candidates from rejects.


  • Shigeru by Shigeru moderator

    Indeed, a great suggest, in there you can also check the glossary and SED examples 😃