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  • Subject AWI0002czk

    extends slightly beyond the circle in WISE 4 but interesting SED, prepared to flag as marginal good candidate, no Simbad, no proper motion

  • Subject AWI0002mtq

    maybe two very faint stars in the circle but nothing in NOMAD within 12", appears in SDSS with no ID, very red object, SED fairly promising

  • Subject AWI0001u6p

    there is another object exactly on the red line, gave it benefit of the doubt and marked good candidate, promising SED, small proper motion

  • Subject AWI0002750

    nothing in Simbad but NOMAD shows almost zero proper motion (within errors)

  • Subject AWI0001sb5

    #multipleobjects but promising SED, nothing in Simbad, NOMAD has only magnitudes B V R J H K

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