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Subject: AWI0002y4n

Subject AWI0002y4n Full subject data (JSON)


  • Artman40 by Artman40

    #Goodcandidate or does one of the objects near the border of the circle give its SED a bit of extra flavour?


  • biggsjrex by biggsjrex moderator

    No spectral type in VizieR (Vmag = 16.64, Kmag = 9.711), flagged as possible variable (Cutri+2013); listed as AGN candidate (Edelson+ 2012)


  • mboschmd by mboschmd moderator

    New probable #YSOc with #Diskc. #martonysoc Class I/II. Has Tier 3 PM and high Vmag: good candidate. Vetted to M Dwarf/ YSO