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  • DZM by DZM admin

    I wanted to share an email that NASA science team member Marc Kuchner sent out three days ago, because it has some really cool info on where this project is right now:

    At the science team telecon this week, we put together some interesting
    numbers about the state of the Disk Detective project.

    • We have 278,121 subjects total to classify.

      We've received 967,471 classifications as of today.

      From these classifications, we've found 478 objects of interest
      (DDOIs) so far--objects we want to re-observe.

      Of these, we have observed 177 targets with Robo AO. We have observed
      44 targets with CASLEO.

      We have observed 196 targets with FAST and one with TRES.

      We've observed 7 targets with APO.

      Among these, we have found 37 disk candidates--but that's only
      because we haven't looked at all the telescope data yet.

    This is absolutely mind boggling! We are hugely grateful to everyone
    who has been working on the project--all our users (and super users!) and
    everyone at Zooniverse. We've already broken new ground with the
    data you've provided so far.

    I expect that by the time we're done we will need about 3 million classifications,
    and we will have about more like 5000 DDOIs and 1000 disk candidates.
    So there biggest discoveries are almost certainly still ahead of us.

    And we still need about 32000 more classifications to meet our goal of
    1,000,000 classifications by Jan 1. So please keep up the good work and keep
    spreading the word!!

    (Incidentally, the number is now over 975,000 after the weekend!)


  • Pini2013 by Pini2013 translator, moderator in response to DZM's comment.


    We need your help to reach our goal of 1,000,000 classifications by Jan 1.

    We are very close to achieving this goal.

    So like Darren said please keep up the good work and keep spreading the word!!!


  • KI4FYP by KI4FYP

    Did we hit 1,000,000 classifications by 1/1/15?


  • DZM by DZM admin in response to KI4FYP's comment.

    Announcement coming later today! 😃


  • marckuchner by marckuchner scientist, admin

    Yes we did! Thank you, everybody!!! It's been an amazing year!!


  • marckuchner by marckuchner scientist, admin

    Here's the press release if you haven't seen it yet.


  • DZM by DZM admin

    Thanks, Mark, for sharing that and for stopping by Talk to answer questions! 😃 Hope to see you here often!

    Congrats on meeting your goal. Hope the AAS meeting was a blast!