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"weird WISE images", saturation, dust

  • anoxie by anoxie

    Hi everyone,

    i've recently seen this source : http://talk.diskdetective.org/#/subjects/AWI0002aqe


    1-It turns out "weird WISE images" (TED91 has a nice collection of them) are correlated to "unsual SEDs", both are distorted by saturation (mainly at WISE 1-2). Saturation begins to affect sources brighter than approximately 8.1, 6.7, 3.8 and -0.4 in W1, W2, W3 and W4, respectively (see http://wise2.ipac.caltech.edu/docs/release/allsky/expsup/sec1_4b.html), and compare to Wmag of these sources.

    2-Specifically about this source: you can see how dust around a star, mimick optically thick interstellar dust. As marc told us earlier, the right part of the SED is less distorted by reddening. What's tricky is if ISM is optically thick, you can no longer see multiple objects and energy adds up in the IR...

    Context is critical, here you can see there is only a faint IR source at 9 in 2MASS image on Aladin, pointing to an intrinsically bright IR source.