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Some Ideas

  • Freethesouls by Freethesouls

    I think a skip button would be nice for all of the zooniverse science projects or some. And a feature like "Be a martian" by NASA where one can write a short note of what seems to be interesting in the pic. Just a box to write notes in.
    I think a chat room for would be nice.



  • Shigeru by Shigeru moderator in response to Freethesouls's comment.

    Depending of the project a Skip button can be beneficial or not, in the case of Disk Detective, every object falls in at least one category so it don't make much sense here.

    About writting a note about any particular object, that is inside the Talk page for every object, you only must clic in the "Discuss on Talk" icon locate along the "favorite" icon 😃

    I don't know about a chat room, but the people of Zoouniverse is working in some changes 😉


  • terry.nycum by terry.nycum in response to Shigeru's comment.

    As a new user, the reason I feel like saying "skip" (when I do) is not that I don't think any categories apply, but that I'm not sure which category or categories apply. For several objects I've asked questions on the talk page. Am I supposed to wait for replies before classifying that object or closing that browser tab? 😃

    To "skip", I've just been clicking Finish with no categories selected. It gives me a new object.