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Promotion/Level-Up System

  • bjy21 by bjy21

    I would probably do more of these, if there was incentive to classify more images. For example, in the Old Weather zooniverse project, you can get promoted from Cadet -> Lieutenant -> Captain, which is good enough incentive for me. Some achievements would be nice too.


  • DZM by DZM admin

    We do always consider "gamification" elements when we build projects, but sometimes they can backfire... for instance, if people get "status" based on number of classifications, it can encourage quick and sloppy classification, and it can also make the barrier to entry seem imposing. We've found often that people are most incentivized just by the chance to see cool stuff and participate in real science.

    Of course, there are a lot of good reasons to do it, too... as we do on Old Weather. So it can be a toss up, but we do talk about it. 😃

    Thanks for the feedback!!


  • shocko61 by shocko61

    Getting swept along and getting lost in the dust is a problem , I do things because It is interesting and I am curious as to how things work and most of all learning about the universe.Cheers ,Ian


  • 13lueAngeL by 13lueAngeL translator

    Totally agree with you DZM....