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Easier Access to SED and Simbad

  • JohnReed by JohnReed

    It's tedious, and not intuitive, to click Discuss on Talk in order to get SED and Simbad access. Someone else mentioned displaying SED on the same page. I concur. But I'd also like to add Simbad. At the very least, the links to them could be displayed on the classifying page and not have to click somewhere else to get it.




  • voyager1682002 by voyager1682002 moderator

    Yes, I agree with you John. The discussion of having SED displayed on the classifying page is here : http://talk.diskdetective.org/#/boards/BWI0000005/discussions/DWI00004h6



  • Shigeru by Shigeru moderator

    I also agree, could be really usefull to have SED in the same page, about SIMBAD, maybe a simple indicator along the SED telling us if there is any info could be also great 😄


  • Pini2013 by Pini2013 translator, moderator

    Excellent improvement in SIMBAD with the Interactive Aladin Lite view, take a look 😃


  • onetimegolfer by onetimegolfer

    I agree


  • Reyajh by Reyajh

    At first I liked the idea but the only caveat I see is that sometimes the images resolve better on the main page and sometimes they resolve better on the Discussion board's page. I often check both and started doing that because of switching to check the SEDs, in trying to learn them. At the least it would be great to see a better guide to understanding the SEDs. After reading the blog and scattered info here and there I'm still grasping to understand it. I feel like I'm starting to get a handle.., barely, but that's after 400+ classifications and for a self taught layman, a lot of complicated, rather difficult reading. I think a list of graphical examples of what's what or sorta what would go a long way. Just some thoughts.