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Check a lightcurve of your object with the CRTS DR2 data!

  • jdebes by jdebes scientist, admin

    Have an intriguing Disk Detective candidate? You can check to see if it's a variable star with the Catalina Real Time Survey. The Catalina Real Time Survey (or CRTS for short) has released a public archive of lightcurves for millions of objects as part of their search for near-Earth asteroids.

    For example, you can type these coordinates in to the search box and hit the "submit" button:
    Right Ascension:17 52 00.07
    Declination: +54 38 05.3
    (from AWI00003j7)

    You will see a raw light curve as a function of Julian Date, with a little result box underneath.

    If you click on the "Search" button in the results, you can play around with trying to find a periodicity to any variability you might see. In this case, this object is an RR Lyrae star, and it has a regular 0.62-day pulsation period.