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RZ Piscium

  • Artman40 by Artman40

    Here is an object with an asteroid belt.


  • mboschmd by mboschmd moderator

    Update: this is also in paper on Planet Hunters' KIC 8462852 aka Boyajian's Star, or Tabby's Star with 22% asymmetrical transit dips with no fully adequate explanation. Then the 2013 paper by De Wit+,2013 described the visual discrepancies were due to an asteroid belt. This star was used to compare with KIC842852 as having IRxs, whereas KIC8462852 does not. Other explanations have been RZ Piscium is a UX Orionis variable or a Herbig Ae/Be star and felt to have a dusty disk around it until asteroids were proposed.


  • onetimegolfer by onetimegolfer

    Pretty impressive images in SDSS you can actually see something in front of the star.