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Infrared recorded by spacecraft sensors at 22 microns

  • Haian by Haian

    The object with ID AWI0005gnp (HD 150972 -- Star) and coordinate 251.4199697-31.0407391 recorded 4.19e-15 w.m-2 with flux error= 0.204e-15 w.m-2 for 22 microns (allWISE) and 4.08e-15 w.m-2 with with flux error= 0.190e-15 W.m-2. That amount of energy is higher than that recorded at 1.16 microns, the flux= 3.99e-15w.m-2 with flux error 0.0778e-15 w.m-2. The Spectral type of the star is G1V C (our star the SUN is G2V type) so it seems to be main sequence star. So the question is: Dos that amount of flux related to 22 microns emitted by dust rather than blackbody?


  • Artman40 by Artman40

    It's hard to tell. However, it is narrowly constrained.