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Resolved objects?

  • lrebull by lrebull scientist, translator, admin

    Nearly everything that is in Disk Detective is likely to be a relatively large distance away. DSS, 2MASS, and WISE are all relatively low spatial resolution. Most of the objects in here, therefore, are not going to be resolved disks. As far as DSS, 2MASS, and WISE are concerned, they're all just points of light, not resolved into disks.


  • arvintan by arvintan

    Will planetary nebulae, polar jets, and maybe Herbig-Haro objects be resolved in these images? Or maybe any structures at all?


  • abans by abans scientist, moderator

    That is an excellent question! Nebula won't really be resolved, but like the guide example they will be quite "nebulous" in the WISE bands 😃.

    Herbig Haro objects can have outflows/jets that can go pretty far so you are correct in thinking that you'd have better chance of seeing structure for these objects. However, we are still focusing on objects that are very far away ... so my guess is that even a jet-disk-star system will look like a point source. If some closer-by young stellar objects somehow snuck their way into our data, perhaps we will see something more...