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  • luciaderrico by luciaderrico

    Please let me know if this is a good candidate I do not know why at the beginning there are two objects that move and then become one inside the red circle.
    .thank you.


  • biggsjrex by biggsjrex moderator

    The successive images show objects visible in blue, then red, and finally infrared wavelengths. I see a lot of objects outside the circle that appear in blue and red light, but not visible in infrared ( so bright in visible light, but not radiating much heat, or infrared). The single object in the circle is not bright in visible light, but is the only object radiating at the longer infrared wavelengths. Information in the VizieR database suggests this might be a Young Stellar Object (YSO), or very young star. There don't appear to be multiple objects inside the red circle (what you see inside the red circle in blue / red images appears to be background). But the objects appears "extended" in the last (WISE 4) image - to much dark blue outside the red circle. I'm not sure if this answers your question, but I hope it helps.