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Problem with disk detective website

  • biggsjrex by biggsjrex moderator

    A few days ago, disk detective apparently became a secure site (http:// to https://). Ever since, when I click the "Discuss on Talk" icon for an object, the site briefly displays the address for the specific object (http://talk.diskdetective.org/#/subjects/AWI000XXXX), but then quickly switches to https://talk.diskdetective.org/ and takes me to the discussion page. This makes it very hard to check the SED, SIMBAD entry, etc. for an object. Is anyone else having this problem?


  • leonie_van_vliet by leonie_van_vliet

    Do have the same problem as: biggsjrex! Hoping it will be resolved soon. Suggest to contact Dr.Grant Miller...



  • Pamela_Foster by Pamela_Foster

    Yes, I've found closing the discussion page and immediately reclicking on the 'talk' icon will then connect you to right page.


  • voyager1682002 by voyager1682002 moderator

    I have no problem going direct to the image I am looking at when clicking on "Discuss on Talk".