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Variable star

  • mariomar by mariomar translator

    May a variable star (less of 1 Gyr according to Banyan) be a good candidate?


  • biggsjrex by biggsjrex moderator

    Some types of variable stars are good candidates, but this particular variable is a Red Supergiant Variable in the Large Magellanic Cloud (a nearby galaxy) according to Yang+2011 in VizieR. Variable Red (or M spectral type) Giant stars are not good candidates for follow up (although you should mark them as good candidates if they are OK otherwise - no multiple objects, not extended). The following is a quote from Marc Kirshner:

    "M giants come with many different labels in SIMBAD and VizieR: Long Period Variables (LPVs), SR+L, Slow Irregular Variables, Miras, Semi-regular Pulsating Variables, Carbon Stars. All those are kinds of M giants / supergiants and they tend to make their own dust, so we can;t use dust around them as an indicator of a planetary system. We're not following them up".