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extend outside the circle?

  • ryangeho by ryangeho

    Looking for help in this one.


  • biggsjrex by biggsjrex moderator

    The Disk Detective FAQ includes the question "How to know if an object is extended beyond the circleā€¯?, which should be helpful. I personally would probably say no, since this looks more like a smooth halo around the circle with little structure, as discussed in the FAQ. In any case, the SED and entries in the NED database indicate this is a galaxy, so not of interest at present.


  • anoxie by anoxie

    this one is typical of a galaxy

    they usually appear #not-round in dss and #extended in WISE

    here the Jmag is > at least >16, we can still see a lot of these though i thought faint objects with Jmag > 14.5 should have been removed (see http://blog.diskdetective.org/2014/05/30/good-news-everyone-272000-more-subjects/ )

    galaxies vs stars:
    enter image description here