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Black spheres in the background ?!

  • 13lueAngeL by 13lueAngeL translator

    I was rather curious to understand why on certain images, we see basically a black sphere where probably something is blocking the background noise I would assume from wavelength recorded ? I don't know... reminds me of a game I used to play as a kid with my bro... Battleships... After quite a few misses, you'd start seeing a hole where only there could possibly be the ship you wanted to hit.... This is oddly reminiscent....

    I am just an amateur and not a scientific professional but I thought it was oddly strange and worthy of interest as in Image AWI0002ouu under the DSS2 IR (1.15 μm) at 10 o'clock.


  • TED91 by TED91 moderator

    That's just one of the many artifacts you'll see in DD images.

    This one is speck of dust on the original photographic glass plate. Like here

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