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Why is this considered a YSO when the SED clearly indicates an Early Star?

  • Jbreit01 by Jbreit01

    According to the SED this is clearly an Early Star, and after checking the reference it also has a #KnownDebriDisk. I would like more information on what data is being used to classify this as a YSO please.


  • voyager1682002 by voyager1682002 moderator in response to Jbreit01's comment.

    I think you are right, it is an Early type star but not YSO. The SED for this star is a nearly straight, downward-sloping line. The very last point falls just slightly above the straight line, which also is a clue that it is an Early type star. Apart from that, "Young Stellar Objects (YSOs) are variable stars of about ten million years of age", for this particular object, the age is over 1000 Myr (Atmospheric parameters for nearby B-F stars (David+, 2015) from VizieR, I could be wrong. Stay tuned for update on Monday

    An interesting read:



  • TED91 by TED91 moderator

    That's right. This is clearly an early type star. Nothing indicates that this could be YSO.