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LHA 115-N 82 -- Emission Object

  • TED91 by TED91 moderator

    LHA 115-N 82 is an interesting object nearby Small Magellanic Cloud.

    Apparently it's an extreme AGB star : http://vizier.u-strasbg.fr/viz-bin/VizieR-5?-ref=VIZ549875cd7489&-out.add=.&-source=J/AJ/142/103/table4&recno=119604



    enter image description here


  • Pini2013 by Pini2013 translator, moderator in response to TED91's comment.

    First x-AGB I see here, very interesting TED


  • gethralkin by gethralkin

    Luminous Hα B[e] star (n=3 to n=2 emission lines):

    CATALOGUE OF EMISSION OBJECTS, LIN 495 (p184). RA=1 0.98, Dec=-74 22.7, m(vg)=14.24, b-r=-0.25, M(pg)=4.5, I=ms, Remarks: 17304 5652 (80), N82 (A New Catalogue of Emission-Line Stars and Planetary Nebulae in the Small Magellanic Cloud, Lindsey+).

    7.3 B[e] stars. 2dFS 2837 has previously been catalogued as LHA 115-N82, LIN 495 and MA93-1750 (Henize 1956; Lindsay 1961; Meyssonnier & Azzopardi 1993), and was reported as a B[e] star by Heydari-Malayeri (1990). It is the only previously reported B[e] star in our sample. We observed it in 1998 with 2dF, and again in 2001 with the RGO Spectrograph. The two spectra are indistinguishable (the RGO spectrum is shown in Fig. 17, later), and similar to that shown by Heydari-Malayeri if allowance is made for the differences in resolution.

    The only other star in the 2dF data set that shows similarities to 2dFS 2837, and in particular the same [Fe II] emission lines,
    is 2dFS#1804. Unfortunately, we have only a single, blue-region, observation of this star (Fig. 17), but, like 2dFS 2837, it has been repeatedly catalogued as an Hα emission object: LHA115-S38, Lin 418 and MA93-1405 (Henize 1956; Lindsay 1961; Meyssonnier & Azzopardi 1993). This relatively bright star (B ≃ 14.0) is clearly worthy of further study (A 2dF survey of the Small Magellanic Cloud, Evans+).