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Can someone tell me what this is... I know it's nothing 'special', I just want to know what's going on.

  • Akim_A._Souary by Akim_A._Souary

    Why is it squashed in the WISE1 frame?


  • Pini2013 by Pini2013 translator, moderator in response to Akim A. Souary's comment.

    Hi Akim
    See this image:

    Sometimes the star is blended with other objects.

    Welcome to Disk Detective!


  • TED91 by TED91 moderator

    That would be my guess too.


  • anoxie by anoxie

    This is what is going on:

    There is an issue in the AllWISE data concerning saturation and dropouts at WISE 1 -2, i've seen a lot of dropout flagging since this post, but when you spot one you should check for the AllSky data for the IR excess, here:

    #dropout #AllSky excess 0.034

    sometimes you have a dropout AND a genuine IR excess.

    sometimes you have a W2 dropout too:
    http://talk.diskdetective.org/#/subjects/AWI0005eco ...