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The coffee machine

  • Kevin by Kevin scientist, admin

    Welcome all to Disk Detective. Here at the coffee machine, we can chat about anything.... science, life, favourite coffee roasts.


  • jdebes by jdebes scientist, admin

    Good job everyone, we're at 5000+ classifications!


  • meeka777 by meeka777

    Super excited to start off at the beginning of one of these projects!! Is there a total count or percentage anywhere that we can see?


  • Monhegan0713 by Monhegan0713

    Hi! How much off circle is acceptable?


  • lrebull by lrebull scientist, translator, admin

    I am not sure how to elegantly tie this question to this other discussion, so I'm going to try brute force - see this link: http://talk.diskdetective.org/#/boards/BWI0000002/discussions/DWI000001e


  • Skydiver33 by Skydiver33

    Is there a publin statistic on how many classifications there are by now? Would be pretty interesting.